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    Who Is Considered at High Risk for Breast Cancer?

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    It’s a good idea to meet with a breast health specialist to review your risk factors for breast cancer. However, bear in mind that having these risk factors doesn’t automatically mean you will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Likewise, a person with few to no risk factors could develop cancer. It’s important for every woman to undergo regular screening mammograms for early detection. Talk to your doctor about when you should begin to schedule mammograms.

    Medical History

    Inform your breast health specialist of your personal and family medical history. A small percentage of breast cancers are hereditary. Your risk of breast cancer is doubled if you have a first-degree female relative who was diagnosed with it. These relatives include your sister, mother, or daughter. Additionally, if you’ve previously been diagnosed with breast cancer, you have a higher risk of being diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer – either in the same breast or the other one.

    Uncontrollable Risk Factors

    In addition to your medical history, certain risk factors of breast cancer are not controllable through your lifestyle choices. For example, being a woman aged 55 or older means you’re at an increased risk. If you’ve previously undergone radiation treatment to the face or chest, you’re also at an increased risk. Other risk factors include being diagnosed with certain benign breast conditions, such as ductal hyperplasia.

    Lifestyle Risk Factors

    You may be able to improve your breast health and reduce your risk of cancer by modifying your lifestyle. Research has linked excessive alcohol consumption (more than one drink daily for women) to an increased risk of cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding smoking, and getting four to seven hours of exercise each week can also lower your risk.

    If you have questions about your breast health, you can find the resources you need at the Breast Institute of JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, FL. Our breast health specialists provide a continuum of care from diagnosis through treatment. Give us a call at (561) 693-4603 to request more information about us or to schedule a mammogram.

    How to Reduce Your Chances of Having a Heart Attack

    Last updated 8 days ago

    It’s never too soon or too late to begin thinking about cardiac care. In fact, most cardiologists recommend taking steps to improve your heart health as early as your 20s. For those who are older and have multiple risk factors of cardiovascular conditions, it’s even more important to lead a heart attack prevention lifestyle. If you’ve already been diagnosed with a heart condition, talk to a cardiologist about ways of reducing your risk of a heart attack.

    Manage Your Medical Conditions

    Certain medical conditions can increase your risk of having a heart attack. If you have diabetes, work closely with your care team to learn how to take your medications properly, check your blood sugar level regularly, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Your cardiologist may also recommend that you undergo regular checks of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you have hypertension or high cholesterol, work with your doctor to get these conditions under control.

    Enjoy Nutrient-Dense Foods

    When designing your meal plan, focus on including nutrient-dense, rather than calorie-dense, foods. Choose a wide array of colorful vegetables and fruits. Eat whole grains instead of refined grains. Choose low-fat sources of protein, such as beans and other legumes, non-fat dairy, fish, and poultry.

    Explore New Sports Activities

    Enjoying physical activity every day can lower your risk of requiring emergency care for a heart attack. If you find it difficult to stick to an exercise program, explore sports that are new to you, such as tennis or racquetball. Consider working with a personal fitness trainer or join a local softball team.

    Avoid Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

    Cardiologists warn that smoking and consuming alcohol in excess can significantly raise your risk of a heart attack. If you currently smoke, your doctor can direct you to resources to help you quit. If you consume alcohol, limit your consumption to no more than one drink per day if you’re a woman or no more than two drinks per day if you’re a man.

    For over 25 years, The Heart and Vascular Institute at JFK Medical Center has provided exceptional cardiac care to our neighbors in Palm Beach County. Our cardiology team looks forward to working with you to restore your health and help you lead an active lifestyle. Give us a call at (561) 693-4603 and ask us about our other services, including neurology, orthopedics, and emergency care.

    Electron Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Procedure.

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Recently, JFK Medical Center made medical history by having Florida's first-ever breast-cancer treatment with electron intraoperative radiation therapy (e-IORT) performed. Learn more about the surgery and doctor and patient who were apart of this wonderful procedure.

    The future of breast cancer is here today.

    Last updated 1 month ago

    .  Yesterday, JFK Medical Center performed the first e-IORT (Intraoperative Radiation Therapy with electrons) case in the state of Florida. This procedure combines surgery with radiation therapy. E-IORT can essentially reduce breast cancer treatment from six and a half weeks to just one day for many women. Congratulations to the collaborative team who made this possible. 


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